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Are you looking for an inspirational speaker for your next Women’s Empowerment or Leadership Conference, Christian Women’s Conference/Retreat or Breast Cancer Survivor Celebration?

Becky Olson is a national (and international) inspirational Keynote Speaker, Entertainer, Published Author, Super Hero Trainer, and Community Advocate – giving hope, education, and inspiration through knowledge, humor and storytelling. She has been speaking professionally since 2003.  Becky is also a mentor for those wishing to become inspirational speakers.  Learn More.


Inspirational Speaker/Humorist

Becky at the Komen Houston Event

Becky at the Komen Houston Breast Cancer Survivor Event

As a three-time breast cancer survivor, published author, inspirational speaker, and co-founder of Breast Friends, Becky is The Breast Cancer Survival Expert. She has inspired thousands of women at various stages of their cancer journey. Her humorous and inspiring keynotes give women hope and encouragement to overcome their circumstances by finding blessings around them, and embrace the things in life worth living for. She will make you laugh, cry and leave with a new-found enthusiasm for life during and after cancer!

She also is a sought after speaker for women’s empowerment and leadership conferences with her topic, “What’s Your Super Power?” Discovering your Super Power is a 5-step process that, when complete, will allow you to live your life on purpose.

Her topic for Christian Women’s Groups is, “Joyride to Happiness,” which speaks to the areas of Forgiveness, Passion/Purpose and Art of Leaving a Legacy.

People ask her all the time, “Why Feathers?” Her response is “My BOA stands for I’m Bold, I’m Old and I’ve got Attitude.”  She is a confident and entertaining speaker and will be a great addition to your event. Read more about Becky.

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hat that saved my lifeBecky’s book, “The Hat That Saved My Life” was originally released in August of 2004 with a second edition in 2007. She is currently working on her second book.  Becky was also a contributing author to several other books, including “Wise Women Speak,” and “How We Became Breast Cancer Thrivers.” She was quoted in the book, “Intimacy After Breast Cancer.” Her organization, Breast Friends, appears in “Chicken Soup for the Soul-Healthy Living Series-Breast Cancer.”  Becky’s story has also appeared in numerous magazines, including Woman’s World.”

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Community Advocate:

BF_Full_logo~Becky believes in giving back. She has made it her personal goal to educate the community on how to support their loved ones through a serious illness like cancer.  She believes that by teaching people how to be proactive, they will be better able to provide the much needed support when the time comes.  Becky is also actively involved in the effort in Washington, DC, which began in 2015 to keep mammograms free for women beginning at age 40. The fight is not over yet.

With her “give back” program through Breast Friends, she invites local civic organizations and clubs to bring her in to speak, for no charge, and share her amazing and humorous story.  Read more…

To invite Becky to speak at your Civic Group, or other small club event in the Northwest, please contact Breast Friends at 503-598-8048, or toll free at 888-386-8048.  Travel expenses may apply.


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