Becky M. Olson

The Breast Cancer Survival Expert!

You deserved the standing ovation. You’re one brave, inspiring little woman!!!!!Rachel Clearwater, Author of Dreamwalk

“I just want to tell you that I am LOVING LOVING LOVING these newsletters of yours!!! You are a superstar and I just adore you!!! Thank you for being a gift to this world and a gift in my life!!! YOU INSPIRE ME!!!” – Kellie Grill, Author, Speaker, Musician, Songwriter

Becky Olson feather boaBecky is the perfect example of a woman who took a dismal forecast of her future and redirected her life to bring more meaning to herself, her family and her world.

Through three personal battles with breast cancer, she was able to see the bright side of her circumstances and co-founded a non-profit to help other women battling cancer.  By realigning her priorities and focus, she was able to truly discover her passion.  Once she combined her passion and her gift of communicating with an audience, she began to soar.

She is now a national speaker, with a true zest for life.

Becky is well known for her expressive insights as she shares her inspirational and humorous approach to answering the questions that cancer survivors, medical professionals, and women in general, need to know.

She not only encourages her audiences to look for the blessings in adversity, she teaches them how to overcome them. She is a firm believer that everyone should have a bucket list. At 43, when she was first diagnosed with advanced stage breast cancer, she wrote her list of things to do before she died.  On her list was graduating from college, singing lead with a band and buying a cabin on a lake.

At age 50, Becky graduated from college. At age 57, she finally got her cabin on a lake. At age 61, she landed a spot as lead singer in a new band appropriately named, “Bucket List.”  As each goal is achieved, she continues to add something new.   This is one list she never wants to finish.


Becky was honored with the “Local Hero Award” from Susan G. Komen for the Cure and BMW of North America. She received the district 7, “Toastmaster’s International Communication and Leadership” award for her work within the breast cancer community in Portland, Oregon. Becky received the National “Pink Power Mom” Award from Bright Starts and the Local Hero Award from Bank of America.  She also earned the title of Courageous Woman of the Month from Courageous Woman Magazine.



Becky’s book, “The Hat That Saved My Life” was originally released in August of 2004 with a second edition in 2007. She is currently working on her second book, “Three Strikes and I’m still not out!” Becky was also a contributing author to several other books, including “Wise Women Speak,” and “How We Became Breast Cancer Thrivers.” She was quoted in the book, “Intimacy After Breast Cancer.” Her organization, Breast Friends, appears in “Chicken Soup for the Soul-Healthy Living Series-Breast Cancer.”  Her story has also appeared in numerous magazines, including “Woman’s World.”