The Time-Saving “Busy Day” List

busyday-TMThis is one of my personal favorites. We all have days leading up to a significant event in our lives. Our goal is to be on track to meet the target head on and ahead of time. But life intervenes, and suddenly we find ourselves with 48 hours of work yet to be done and only 24 hours (or less) to accomplish it. Nothing on your list is “optional.” What do you do? “Sister Lister” can show you the way. With this proven and tested (by me) method, you will get done, on time, with time to spare.

When you find yourself in this situation, too much to to, too tired to do anymore, stop – get out your list and get started! Otherwise, you will try to sleep, but will lay awake, worrying about missing your deadlines and you won’t be able to sleep, which only makes it worse. (I hate it when THAT happens). Here are some ideas:

• Make a schedule but work backwards. For example: Are you going on a trip tomorrow? Let’s say you need to be at the airport by 9:00am for an 11:00 flight. 9:00 becomes your final point. (The 2 hours between airport arrival and flight departure is your time for check-in, shopping, breakfast). So working backwards, it looks like this:

9:00 – park the car and go into terminal
8:15 – leave for airport (30-45 minute drive – allow the longest)
8:10 – load bags into car
7:10 – pack bags (allow an hour – pack toiletries directly into your toiletry bag as you finish using them – you will be less likely to forget anything.)
6:45 – dress and makeup
6:30 – shower
6:15 – drink coffee
6:10 – make coffee – throw clothes in dryer (from last night)
6:00 – wake up – collect your thoughts – stretch
5:50 – hit snooze button

• The night before, the only thing you have to do is get your clothes in the washing machine, make a list of what to take and go to bed. Don’t forget to set the alarm. (keep the list by your bed in case you think of anything else in the middle of the night.)

• As you can see your only obligation is to get out of bed at 6:00. (you even get to hit the snooze button once) If you can do that and then stay on track with each item, you will get out the door on time and make it to the airport.

The same process holds for any busy day. If you have guests arriving by a certain time tomorrow and you haven’t even gone to the store yet, follow the process – work backwards.

By making this a routine part of your daily plan on those “too busy” days, you will feel more in control, you will run on time and will know exactly how much time you need to get the job done.

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