Sister Lister

sisterlister-TMWelcome to “Sister Lister.”

(For those who read “The Hat That Saved My Life,” you will understand – for those who haven’t, please consider ordering a copy.)

Who is a “Sister Lister?” Simply put, Sister Lister is a woman who makes lists… Simple concept and powerful tool.

We all make lists from time to time; i.e. grocery lists, gift lists, errand/to do lists, project lists and more. I even have lists of lists! But my favorite list is the one I create when I am feeling stressed with FAR too many things on my mind. Feeling like that causes me to lie in bed all night, unable to sleep. Then I get up wondering how I will get it all done, and too tired to do it from lack of sleep. Does any of this sound familiar?

If you see yourself in my shoes, then I invite you to learn how to bring balance back into your life with the power of list making. Let Sister Lister teach you how to better organize your life by learning to focus on one task at a time.

As they say, the best way to eat an elephant (if you had to eat one), is one bite at a time, and dipped in chocolate. Get control, get focused, get it done and then GO PLAY!!!

Below are lists of lists that you might consider. I put the famous “To Do” list at the top because that is the one that most of us use, but often ineffectively. Once you conquer this one, the rest come easily.

Once you’ve conquered your “To Do” list, let’s focus on some other smaller single focus lists:

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