The Life-Saving “Gift List”

gift-TMDo you ever find yourself stressed out because you failed to buy the right gift – or in some cases – any gift at all? Let “Sister Lister” show you some foolproof techniques to avoid this year-round problem. With these techniques, you’ll never find yourself “giftless” again.

The need for gifts happens all year long. Christmas, birthdays, weddings, etc. They all seem to happen when we have the least time. Here are some tips to help.

• Keep a gift box on hand to store emergency gifts. I have one in my bonus room. In it are last year’s Christmas coffee mugs (50% off after Christmas), photo frames, crystal dishes, toys, etc. Anything I find on sale could end up in that box. Great for when someone shows up unexpectedly or your child gets invited to a birthday party and you “forgot.”

• Throughout the year, as you hear your husband or children say that there is something they would like to have, write it down in a special notebook. As time gets closer to a special event, birthday, Father’s day, Christmas, or just for the heck of it, see if they ever purchased that item. If not and you are pretty sure they would still want it, go and buy it. You’ll be ready for their big day with a gift they really want.

• Keep a list handy to write down their sizes. Sneak into their closet and find their shoe sizes, shirt, pant and dress sizes. Keep them with you at all times.

• If you are an office manager and find yourself giving small gifts to your employees during the holidays, wait until you see something on sale at an office supply store, or department store and purchase a bunch of them at once. I’ve given pen sets, candles, picture frames, etc.  I presented them all with the same gift and took them to breakfast.

• MOST IMPORTANTLY – If you do purchase gifts ahead of time, write it on your gift list and check it off. With my chemo brain (20 lifetime treatments), I’ve occasionally purchased gifts in advance and then forgot I had them. This is a critical mistake.

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