The Splendid “Grocery List”

shopping-TMHow many times have you gone to store, spent $100.00 and come home with nothing for dinner? Or how about buying all the right things, but can’t make dinner because everything is frozen when you come home from work. “Sister Lister” to the rescue!! Give your family a reason to be home at night and bring back the family evening meal.

Here are some practical ideas to make your shopping trip more enjoyable.

• Get out the weekly newspapers and lay them side by side. Find out what is on sale and make your list by store. Plan your menus for the week based on what is on sale.  Put the menu on your refrigerator for reference later.

• Clean out your refrigerator and pantry before you go shopping to make room for all the goodies you are about to bring home.

• Keep a list on your refrigerator door to add additional items as you run out.

• Eat before you go. You will avoid buying all those extra munchies that you know you shouldn’t have.

• Solicit help ahead of time from family members. Tell them to be ready to help carry in the groceries when you get home. Call them from your cell phone as you are coming around the corner so they can get off the couch and get their shoes on. Let them carry them in while you put them away.

• If you have an additional refrigerator, buy extra bottles of juice or soda when they are on sale.  They won’t go bad and you’ll have them when guests show up unexpectedly.

• If that refrigerator has a freezer and you trust it not to freezer burn your food, go ahead and buy those extra meat items when they are on sale. If you buy the value packs, make sure you separate them into individual freezer bags so you can thaw one or two at a time.

Every morning, see what is on your menu for dinner.  Take whatever you need out of the freezer and put in the refrigerator.  By the time you get home, dinner prep is easier with thawed out food.

By doing these time-tested shopping tips, you’ll be ready for just about anything.

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