Time to Spring Clean!

Time to Spring Clean!

March is the time we start thinking about spring cleaning.  Flowers are blooming (at least here in Portland), sun is shining and the air is warming up.  Getting rid of the clutter makes us feel like we are in control.

But it’s also a good time to think about spring cleaning our life.  Are you holding on to clutter in your heart, or in you head?  Maybe it’s time to clean that out too.

I know we all have negative influences in our lives from time to time, and hopefully for the most part, the relationships represented are worth protecting.  But we also have people in our lives that do nothing but cause us pain and suffering.  When you think more about them, and the hurt they caused, then you do about yourself or those you love, it might be time to question if it’s a relationship worth hanging onto. Some people are just so bitter that the only way they feel better is by bringing down everyone around them.

It can be hard to say goodbye, at least at first. But it’s well worth the effort. We all need to take inventory of the relationships in our lives and decide which ones are mutually beneficial.  Some people take it a step further and look at career, hobbies and any other areas of their lives.  Once you have a list of what is good and right, consider “De-cluttering” the rest.  Step back from the former friendships that cause pain. If necessary, end the relationship.  If your job is causing tremendous stress, think about a job change.  It might be scary at first, but before you know it, you will fill the empty space with new friendships and activities; ones that bring your joy and not pain.

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