Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day

This month we celebrate a day that focuses on love.  Many people will receive flowers, chocolates, jewelry, or other expensive gifts. And just TRY to go out to dinner without a reservation.  But what do you do if you are on a budget?  If you are battling a cancer diagnosis or other illness, money can be tight.

It’s not about spending money to show your love.  There are many other ways to show someone you care.  One time, my husband picked me up after work, and drove me up to our favorite view spot in Oregon.  It overlooks the Columbia River at a location called Crown Vista.  He had packed a small folding picnic table, a basket filled with our favorite deli foods, and a bottle of wine and two glasses. It was all hiding in the trunk.  When we got to the lookout point, he set up a beautiful display for me and we watched the sunset.  So romantic, and didn’t cost much.  This was years ago and I still remember it.

If you need a fresh idea, check out this awesome Valentine’s Day website:
theholidayspot.com. They have many fun and inexpensive  ideas for letting your loved ones know how you feel.  For example, write a list of “100 reasons I love you,” or grab a recipe (some have videos) and make something special.  There is even a list of ideas to show the office workers how much you care.

Nothing on the list costs a lot of money.  I encourage you to tootle around in the website and see if one of their ideas are appropriate, or come up with some ideas of your own.

Enjoy the holiday, but don’t put too much pressure on yourself or your partner.  Just let them know you love them.

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