Catastrophe or Gift?

Catastrophe or Gift?

Have you experienced an upheaval such as job loss, heartbreak, children leaving home, fire/flood/natural disaster, health crash such as cancer? Any events that dismantles life can, and often does, throw you into chaos. Did you know there’s actually great good that can come from those upheavals?

I was recently interviewed as an expert for the Upheaval to Uplevel interview series. As one of the invited experts, I get to invite my friends (that’s you) to take a seat along with me to hear these, sometimes unbelievable, stories of transformation. We’re going live April 27!

This FREE interview series will help you use your own upheavals to create a greater, more joy-filled and connected life, and help you dodge many of the wrong turns and dead ends along the way. Listen in as we share our personal experiences, and tips and tools that you can use immediately to Uplevel your Upheaval to significant, positive change in your life. As you know (and even if you don’t) Upheaval is an opportunity to do life differently…to create new, different, better, and more. To seize, once and for all, the new authentic you and lay claim to your new authentic life! I’ve done it myself and I’m excited to share it with you.

Join us as we guide, motivate and inspire you to achieve better wealth/finance/career, life balance/spirituality/inner peace, authenticity/self-worth, family/work/friend/love relationships, health and well-being, even purposeful work that pays well.

Sign up here to receive each interview as it happens, starting April 27. (Sign up is easy, just your name and email)

In addition, our speakers are giving away a special FREE gift just for you so you can incorporate and expand what you learn. This can truly be a life changing moment for you. Now that’s a win-win for you!

Register today! From Upheaval to Uplevel: use your current upheaval to propel you to a greater, more joy-filled, connected life!

Do you know someone who may benefit from listening to those of us who have been there, done that and transformed our upheavals? Feel free to invite them, too. Just send them this email.

I’ll meet you there!
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