Are you a Worrier?

Are you a Worrier?

I am a worrier.  I admit it. I have been a worrier most of my life. I worry about my kids, my job, my finances. I worry about if I can’t find a certain ingredient for a recipe.  One time, though, something changed and I found a new perspective through six little, powerful, words.

I was having a bid on flooring in my home.  My sales rep, John Schwab, was very patient with me as he answered all my questions.  I asked him, “What happens if they tear the floor up and find things are unlevel and they have to do more?”  He looked me square in the face and said, “Becky, Don’t put demons where none exist.”  I love that!

It hasn’t stopped me from worrying, but it has given me a new way to approach it.  When I start to worry about some little thing, I say that phrase like a mantra.  Before I know it, the worry subsides.  By the way, there was nothing wrong with the floor.  I worried for nothing.

And, one more thing… this mantra works on the big stuff too.  When I feel some new ache or pain, I worry that my cancer is back.  Do you worry about that too?  How often does it turn out to be nothing? That mantra has helped in those situations too.  We know worry is not good for us.  It produces nothing positive.  We end up focusing on things going wrong, rather than envisioning things going right.  Stop it!!!

Enjoy your life, worry free…  You’ll know when it’s real.

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