Dancing with Mortality

Dancing with Mortality

2017 brought blessings and challenges I never expected. In May, I finally got my husband to go on the trip of a life-time. We spent a month in an airbnb in Rome, Italy. It was a chance to reconnect in new ways and, for both of us, to enjoy a country I love. This was my third visit and I would go back tomorrow.

But the year also came with a new challenge. I was diagnosed with breast cancer for the fourth time. Nothing opens your eyes more than another dance with mortality. I am on a new drug for women who are battling a certain type of metastatic breast cancer. I am hopeful that the recent round of radiation did the trick and I can go off this drug soon. But I am thankful for the blessings that come, yet again with this dance.

First, some of you know, and some don’t. I am cutting back on my hours at Breast Friends. I will still be VERY involved in training and leadership as needed, but I need to make room for two things:

1) I need our staff to step into their new leadership roles in preparation of the time I am no longer available to help,


2) I can truly focus on my speaking business with whatever time I have left on this earth.  With each diagnosis, I have a new and different story to tell. I believe God allows things in our lives to teach us, so that we can do our part to make the world a better place.

This is not a sad moment at all, in fact, it is quite exciting. I’ll know this month if my cancer has been contained (and I TRULY believe it is), and I’ll be able to focus on my new direction, stronger and better than ever.

I love you all, and look forward to an exciting and happy new year!

  1. Kathleen Devine
    Kathleen Devine01-12-2018

    Becky, what a beautiful and inspiring message. You are truly an inspiration to so many who are battling this disease. Praying for your full recovery.

    • Becky Olson
      Becky Olson01-18-2018

      Kathleen, thank you for your prayers. God is good, I got the message today from my doctor that the treatment we did got rid of it and there is no more evidence of disease.

  2. George Pagel
    George Pagel01-13-2018

    I am praying for your total healing, and that you will be able to continue your work for many years to come! My wife and I lived in Gaeta Italy in the early seventies. Have a blessed year!

    Pastor George Pagel

    • Becky Olson
      Becky Olson01-18-2018

      Thank you so much George. I have not been to Gaeta, Italy, but if it is like the rest of Italy, I know I would love it. FYI, I got a clean bill of health today. My doctor called me with the results of my recent Scan. The spot is gone and there is no other evidence of metastatic cancer. Thank you for your prayers.

  3. Adelia Dione Oates
    Adelia Dione Oates03-22-2019

    Hello I hope all is well. I love you so much

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