Keeping it Simple

Keeping it Simple

People talk about new year’s resolutions and it seems nearly everyone makes a list of how their lives will be different this year. I think weight loss, and finances top the charts. 

The hard part is that we make these plans, sometimes too aggressively, and then we stop when it becomes too difficult. That often leaves us feeling like a failure. I know this first hand.  I’ve spent years making resolutions only to give up a short time later.

This year, my goal is simple.  Just one word, “Kindness.”  A wonderful slogan came across my email some time back. It said, “I have 86,400 seconds today. I will use one to do something kind.”  Simple idea, simply put.

I want to encourage you to think about making just one minor change in your life. Even a minor shift can make a difference. Picture driving on the freeway. You can go straight ahead for miles, but one slight tilt of the wheel to the right, and you will exit the freeway finding all kinds of new things to delight in.

If you choose kindness, it’s simple. Be kind to someone every day. Hold a door open for someone who might be struggling, offer a hug – ask first – or give a tissue to someone who is having a bad day, pay for a meal for a stranger. Your act of kindness will make their day, and yours. It might even change your life.

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