Still Staying in the Light

Still Staying in the Light

This has been an interesting year for me. As some of you know, I’m battling breast cancer for the 5th time. This time, it is stage four to my lungs. As it has now become metastatic disease, the doctors are no longer trying to “cure” it but rather slow it down so I can live longer. God willing, He will do the rest. 

I feel fine, except for the medicine. Sometimes it kicks my butt. But mostly I’m doing okay. I have moments of sadness, but I try not to let it hold me back too long. 

I feel this is the year that God gave me to figure things out. While I still love doing my speeches at cancer survivor events, I feel that he is moving me in a new direction. 

I’ve been developing my, “Staying in the Light,” speech, and have delivered it three times in September and October. First time was at a senior health fair in Florence, OR., Second time was at a local church here in Portland, OR, and the third time was at one of the largest Rotary clubs in the Portland area. I’ve been trying to get in there for YEARS!  Here is a quote from the Rotary event planner, “Your story of resilience is truly inspiring. I heard from several members that they were extremely moved by your work and your courageous attitude. In addition, I have never before seen a standing ovation for one of our program speakers.” I’ve been asked to travel to Idaho to deliver it there in November to the Salvation Army.  It is my hope that God will clear the way to deliver this message to more churches, Christian conferences and women’s organizations. 

If you belong to a church (all faiths) or conference committee that brings in guest speakers from time to time, I would love to hear from you. I still have 18 states to go.  (My goal is to speak in all 50 before I die.) Remaining states are: Hawaii, Montana, Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, North Dakota, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Wisconsin, Kentucky, Mississippi, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Rhode Island, New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland. I will go anywhere, but these states hold a special level of excitement for me.

If you are able to help me out with this goal, please send me a message.

Thanks and God Bless you


  1. Janie Lidey
    Janie Lidey10-31-2019

    Hi Becky🥰. I am up late tonight after having a new PET scan that revealed progression of matastasis in my bones. Going in for more radiation before flying to New York next week to sing at a wedding and then finding new medical team in Idaho where my husband and I have decided to live for a while.
    I am so encouraged by your uplifting spirit and I wish you the best on your journey. I too have been working on my Radiating Hope talk and am excited to share it in as many places as will have me.
    I’m wishing you Blessings and Miracles
    With much Love,
    Janie 🥰🎶🎸

    • Becky Olson
      Becky Olson10-31-2019

      Janie, this is not the news we want to hear. I’m so sorry. BUT, I am happy for you that you are working on your new talk. Keep going my friend. It’s that moving ability to stay in the light that gives us all hope. That is what you are doing too.


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