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“The Hat That Saved my Life” has become a fixture on my night stand. I find nuggets of glorious inspiration every time I open the pages. Like watching a movie over and over, you always find something new. Becky’s heart wrenching story has helped me fight the darkness of my own struggle with cancer. She personifies courage and highlights how small changes can heal. Thank you Becky for helping me fly higher! My hat is off to you…!”

Heidi Marble
Author of “Waiting for Wings”
Vancouver, WA

“The Hat that Saved My Life should be required reading for those of us honored and privileged to share our patients’ journeys.” (Dr. Faddis bought several copies for his staff)

David M. Faddis M.D., F.A.C.S.
Surgical Oncologist
Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center
Corvallis, OR

“This is the best book I have found for connecting to the emotional pain that
comes with a breast cancer diagnosis.”

Cynthia Sax, Survivor

“A book with Heart! Inspiring and touching from the very first page? Becky has certainly proven that she is a talented writer. With every turn of a page, her heartfelt words allowed me to feel what she was feeling. I wept with her when she was first diagnosed. I wept with her again as she was diagnosed with breast cancer for a second time. I am a breast cancer survivor myself and her book has helped me work through some of the emotions I have been feeling since my own diagnosis. I have read many books about breast cancer, but I can honestly say that Becky’s book has helped me the most. There’s nothing like finding hope and strength from another who’s already gone through what you are going through. Thank you Becky, for sharing your survivor story. You are truly an inspiration!”

Candy Grant
Columbus, MS

“You had me laughing, crying and throwing my hand over my mouth in what you had to go through. You are soooo talented. You write very well and you absolutely make the reader “feel” what you are feeling.”

Mary Schwartz
Oregon Nurses Association

“I recently read the book, “The Hat that Saved My Life.” I tore through that book very quickly, riveted to every page. My sister has had cancer twice. Reading this book really gave me the background I needed to help answer many of the questions I had about experiences of cancer patients. At times I felt afraid to ask about what she was going through, not knowing where the limitations were. This book told me many of the things I wanted to know, and also gave me added skills in how to help her, or any other cancer victims I meet, even through just small acts. I find it odd after being a police officer for 9 years, and being an Army Reservist who has been deployed to Iraq, that I’d have any trouble talking to people about rough topics. I guess this was a bridge I had yet to cross- this was my family… I want to thank you, Mrs Olson for having the courage to share all these private experiences with the public. You’ve done a great service.”

Shanona T. Gregozek

“Your book has been making the rounds with my friends, family, my Mom and it is now on its way to Florida. It is truly a great read and very inspiring.”

Julie Ikerd
San Jose, CA

“Becky is a phenomenal public speaker and one of the most inspirational individuals I have ever met. I worked with Becky to publish her book, The Hat That Saved My Life, which chronicles her struggle and victory over breast cancer. Her courage, humor and enthusiastic approach to life are contagious.”

Kristen Morris – V.P. Quality Code Publishing
Seattle, WA

“Recently I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Our oldest daughter brought me your book, “The Hat that Saved My Life” It’s the only book I have read in years. Your book helped me in so many ways. It’s a wonderful book and Thank You for writing it!!!!! I hope you’re winning with “round 2″. God Bless.”

Nancy Callaway
Palmdale, CA

“One word times a million = AMAZING!!”

Heather Pola
Portland, OR

“…heart warming and inspiring… I am proud to have it, and will be showing it to others. With all my good wishes”

Sally Kington
London, England

“Becky has found her own voice after her cancer initiation. Her mission is to inspire, comfort and befriend. These are rare and precious gifts, and Becky gives them freely, and humbly. In her own voice — often laughing and often crying — Becky is making the lives of many people brighter. What more can you ask?”

Dr. Ken Weizer
Director of Complementary Medicine
Providence Cancer Centers
Portland, OR

“Thanks for your inspired work. I’ll be sharing your books with loving friends and family . . . with the expectation that they will also be inspired by your story . . . your learning and sharing . . . and your encouragement to heal and love those around us. As your book so beautifully demonstrates and narrates – that’s why we are here!!!”

Grant Werschkull
Conservation Solutions
Sacramento, CA

“I loved it! I read it straight through — her voice is great, compelling and really drew me in. I can easily see readers responding to the book!”

Elizabeth Watzke, Ph.D.
Marylhurst University
Lake Oswego, OR

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