Community Advocate

Giving Back

Becky believes in giving back through Community Advocacy. One of her personal goals, and a major goal of Breast Friends, the organization she co-founded, is to educate the community Copper jacketon how to support their friends and loved ones through a serious illness like cancer. Most people offer support by saying, “I’m so sorry. Please call me if you need anything.”  Though well-intentioned, it is not helpful.  Many will mistakenly believe their friend must be okay since she hasn’t called like she said she would. Most women will not make the call to ask for help, and then will sadly wonder what happened to all her friends.

Becky believes that by teaching people how to offer proactive support now, before they need it, they will be more equipped to provide the much needed support if and when the time comes.

Her “Give Back” program reaches into the community through:

  • Short humorous presentations to Rotary, Sorority, and other local civic groups, clubs and association meetings
  • Giving Testimony at government hearings
  • Co-facilitating a self-esteem and breast cancer awareness program at the Coffee Creek Correctional Facility (Women’s prison) in Oregon, (a program provided by Breast Friends)

(This complimentary program is only available in the northwest, and travel expenses may apply.  Areas outside the Northwest are subject to fees and travel expenses.)
To schedule Becky to speak to your group through her “Give Back” program, please contact Becky at the Breast Friends office at 503-598-9048, or toll free at 888-386-8048.

(Additional note: Becky gives 10% of all book sales and speaking fees to Breast Friends to support the work of her organization.  She will also give 25% of book sales from events to the hosting non-profit organization.)


More About Breast Friends

BF_Full_logo~In 2000, Becky co-founded Breast Friends with her friend Sharon Henifin.  Since then, they have worked with thousands of patients and their families to help them overcome the trauma of breast cancer.  In 2009 Breast Friends officially added other women’s cancers to their line up of support offerings.

Breast Friends started as a way to teach the friends and family members how to support their loved ones.  Becky’s vision was to teach the community BEFORE someone they knew was diagnosed with cancer.  Over the years since they formed, they have expanded their programs to provide customized support to the patients as well.  Their programs reach women all along their journey, from the moment of diagnosis, through treatment and beyond.

Headquartered in Oregon, Breast Friends added two additional affiliates:  Florida was added in 2009, and Pennsylvania was added in 2012.

For more information, visit Breast Friends