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Professional-b and w jacket Becky has established herself as a Continuing Education program speaker for medical professionals, i.e. nurses and physicians, at medical conferences and events.   Her topic, “Compassionate Care – A Survivor’s Perspective,” is humorous yet informative, and is always met with high praise from conference planners and those they serve.  She will share how she fired her doctor over a piece of Kleenex. Becky is the perfect speaker for your opening, luncheon, or closing keynote.

Becky holds the certification of Certified Navigator-Breast Advocate and served on the Navigation Task Force of the National Consortium of Breast Centers. She has been involved on Capitol Hill in providing testimony to keep screening mammograms beginning at age 40.

“Becky spoke twice at the National Consortium of Breast Center’s 2014 convention in Las Vegas in front of over 200 nurses. We all learned so much from her.  She has been invited back for the 2015 convention. She weaves words into a mixture of laughter, sensitivity and wisdom. You will laugh, cry, and then laugh again as you feel intimately pulled into Becky’s world. You will grow as a human being to hear her speak.  I highly recommend Becky for any speaking engagement designed to empower women.”

Melissa Hopkins R.B.C.B.
NCBC Board member and Certification Chair
and Providence Portland Medical Center

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