Sister Lister

sisterlister-TMWelcome to “Sister Lister.”

(For those who read “The Hat That Saved My Life,” you will understand – for those who haven’t, please consider ordering a copy.)

Who is “Sister Lister?” Simply put, Sister Lister is a woman who makes lists… It’s a simple concept that will change your life for the better.

We all make lists from time to time; i.e. grocery lists, gift lists, errand/to do lists, project lists and more. I even have lists of lists!

But my two favorite lists are:

  • My “bucket list” that I created after my first journey through breast cancer.  We all talk about things we want to do someday, but unless you write it down, TELL SOMEONE, and then actually make a plan, you will most likely never do it.
  • My list of how I want to be remembered at the end of my life.

I will share with your audiences how these two lists can change the direction of your life for the better and turn you into a surperstar.

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