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“I heard Becky’s interview during the “Laughing Through Breast Cancer Summit”. Her personal story was compelling. She used it to address the serious and scary aspects of a cancer diagnosis, while sharing funny anecdotes that helped us see the pluses and minuses that fill out the total picture. Through humor tough subjects are less threatening. Her tips for a “Joy Ride to Happiness” help people see that they can be pro-active during their challenge. They can choose to see and appreciate the good that comes unexpectedly during some of the darkest days. With appreciation for all you are doing.”

Linda LeVier

As the Co-Founder of Breast Friends, I have the privilege of working closely with Becky and hearing her speak often. I never tire of her sassy delivery, the way she lights up when she steps on stage and how she delivers her poignant perspective. Becky speaks from the heart with a humorous flair which delights her audiences. I respect her passion and talent as she relates her story to her audiences and leaves them with an important message of hope.”

Sharon Henifin
Co-Founder of Breast Friends

“Becky has been our speaker 3 times over the last 12 years at our October Survivor luncheon and fashion show and the audience has loved her each time. Her story as a 3 time survivor is amazing and even though she interjects humor, she is humble about how she felt emotionally through her journey. Her zest for life is evident as she relates how she coped and things she did to get through it all. I especially love her bucket list and the raw realization that yes, we must use the fine china now as today is the day we are living and we deserve the best.”

Ruth Melvin
St. John’s Medical Foundation – Longview, WA

“Becky has an inspiring and uplifting story to tell and does it with grace and humor. She was a perfect speaker for our annual Komen Houston Survivor Party!”

Annie Stafford
Susan G. Komen for the Cure – Houston, TX


“I admire Becky Olson’s speaking abilities because she is able to take a heavy topic like breast cancer and turn it into something positive that people can laugh at. Every year Susan G Komen, Idaho hosts two Survivor Celebrations for the breast cancer survivors in two of our communities. We try to keep them light and fun as it gives these women a chance to be with their friends and family and temporarily escape the burden of cancer.  Becky created the perfect ambiance at this event by sharing her powerful story. The feedback I received from our constituents has been nothing but positive from the events Becky attended. (We loved her so much we brought her back for the second event.) They appreciated her lighthearted humor and said it was just the kind of speaker they wanted to hear.  My experience with Becky is that she is easy to work with, prompt in returning calls and e-mails and is very organized. I received her presentation and a/v requirements in ample time to coordinate with the event venue. She came in a day ahead and showed up at the venue in plenty of time to do a sound-check and get her program materials set up.  I have enjoyed getting to know Becky and find her to be very kind. Her incredible personality makes her a pleasure to be around.”

Liz Brodie – Special Events & Finance Coordinator
Susan G. Komen for the Cure, Idaho


“Becky spoke twice at the National Consortium of Breast Center’s 2014 convention in Las Vegas.  She has been invited back for next year’s convention. She weaves words into a mixture of laughter, sensitivity and wisdom. You will laugh, cry, and then laugh again as you feel intimately pulled into Becky’s world. You will grow as a human being to hear her speak. Add to that mixture, now that I have heard her sing, and fall in love with her all over again! I highly recommend Becky for any speaking engagement designed to empower women.”

Melissa Hopkins R.B.C.B.
NCBC Board member and Certification Chair
and Providence Portland Medical Center


“Becky was absolutely amazing. I could have listened to her all day.”

Nina Radetich – News Anchor
KTNV Channel 13 – Las Vegas, NV


“Becky’s words were so inspiring, and she is a great speaker with just the right touch of humor and seriousness. She seems to be a very brave, “glass half full” person, and my friends and I all left feeling very lighthearted and motivated. Seeing the camaraderie and sisterhood of the women survivors of breast cancer, is surely something good! And Becky’s gift of speaking is a true blessing to others!”

Autumn Donald – Executive. Assistant
Winchester Medical Center – Winchester, VA


“I just wanted to let you know that the speaker for this year’s luncheon (Becky Olson) was awesome! She made me laugh, she made me cry, she made me think. What a wonderful outlook she had. I could have listened to this speaker all day without hesitation.”

Barbara Gent, Executive Assistant
Valley Health – Winchester, VA


“Becky spoke at our recent Pink Ribbon Celebration, our annual luncheon for breast cancer survivors and their friends and family. Becky “wowed” the over 700 in attendance with her sense of humor, energy and warmth. The room was filled with laughter and tears. Everyone left the luncheon feeling entertained and most of all inspired by Becky’s story of hope and determination.”

Dana Curish-Executive Director
Susan G. Komen for the Cure – Indianapolis, IN


“Don’t miss an opportunity to hear Becky Olson. Her gift of humor and message of hope are truly inspirational to women dealing with breast cancer, and healthcare professionals alike. The Hat that Saved My Life should be required reading for those of us honored and privileged to share our patients’ journeys.”

David M. Faddis M.D., F.A.C.S.
Surgical Oncologist
Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center – Corvallis, OR


“We knew when we asked Becky to speak at our Women’s Series event, that she would bring something special to the evening, but we were not prepared for just how amazing she would be. Her message was not only for those in our audience affected by breast cancer, it truly touched every person in attendance, both men and women. One minute she had me laughing so hard I was crying, and the next minute, tears of hope and heartbreak were falling down my cheeks. Her genuine desire to bring hope to any person in any situation shines through as she speaks. To put it simply, Becky was magical.”

Dana Ostergard
OSF St. Anthony Medical Center – Rockford, IL


“Becky IS ‘The breast cancer comic!’ She is hilarious.”

Bruce Murdock – Radio Personality
K103 FM – Portland, OR


“We have had so many positive comments – including ‘This was the best speaker of all the luncheons that have been done!’ Thanks for being a part of it.”

Rebekah James
Self Regional Healthcare – Greenwood, SC


“Becky spoke at our annual breast cancer event and was a real big hit! Not only did she inspire our audience with hope, she dazzled them with humor and cheer! Becky is a fabulous speaker with an awesome story to tell. She’ll win the hearts of any audience she addresses!”

Vicky L. Hill – Director of Marketing/Public Relations
Wythe County Community Hospital – Wytheville, VA


“Becky Olson brings her own unique sense of style, strength and humor to her speaking engagements. Her personal breast cancer journey and her upbeat and contagious optimism is inspiring to everyone in her audience. The Oregon and SW Washington Affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure is proud to endorse her abilities and recommends her as a speaker for any event to share her story and hope for breast cancer survivors and their co-survivors.”

Christine M. McDonald – Executive Director
Susan G. Komen for the Cure, Oregon and SW Washington Affiliate, Portland, OR


“You were the perfect speaker for our event. You were encouraging, inspiring and fun to hear. Thank you for doing such an outstanding job.”

Sarah Kaiser
St. Charles Medical Center – Bend, OR


“Your stories are inspiring and entertaining. Our participants really enjoyed you and you added a wonderful quality to our celebration. Thank you!!!”

Gail Helland, R.N.
SW Washington Medical Center Vancouver


“Your talk was wonderful and you are very courageous women. It is people like you who can show the rest of us that cancer is just a word, and not a sentence.”

Diana Keith
Oregon Mammography Directive – Portland, OR


“I was able to hear you speak in Lafayette, LA and I want to thank you for motivating me again! You see, I too believe that things happen for a reason and God puts people in our lives for a reason. I didn’t realize how down I was until I heard you. I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart, and please don’t ever stop doing what you’re doing. You have a gift, and you touch more lives than you know!” God Bless You!

Louise DeCoux – Attendee
Lafayette, LA


“Becky Olson spoke at our Special Friends Celebration, September 24, 2005. She spoke to over 800 breast cancer survivors and supporters. Becky was very warm, entertaining and well received by our audience. She is highly referred by our organization and myself as well.

John J. Edney, MD
Aesthetic Surgical Images- Omaha, NE


“Becky Olson spoke at our Breast Cancer Survivors Brunch in Omaha, Nebraska in September of 2005. Becky was vivacious, fun, interesting, and heartwarming. She won’t disappoint you. She is a professional who knows how to speak to large groups. We had over 800 in attendance. The audience truly enjoyed her. Becky sent a videotape to us to help in making our decision, and I must say, it does not do her justice. Your audience will love her.”

Mary Lynn Schwietz – Chairperson
Special Friends Celebration – Omaha, NE


“Becky Olson’s humor and spirit are infectious, even in the face of pain and suffering, and she displays both in abundance as she tells of her struggle against breast cancer. The effect puts everyone who hears her humor at ease. Her essential message – as told in her book “The Hat That Saved My Life” and through her inspirational speaking – is that the human spirit can be the greatest weapon ever created against life-threatening illness. It is greater than all the medicine, all the scientific advances ever developed. And if you lose that spirit, then the battle is all but over. Becky shows how her own spirit and zest for living sustains not just her, but those who hear her message. It provides hope for all who endure the fear that cancer brings. Becky provides living, breathing proof of the power of the human spirit. It, and she, are indomitable.

John Kanelis-Editorial Page Editor
Amarillo Globe News, Amarillo, TX


“Becky Olson is a jewel of a cancer survivor. Her animated spirit, insight and wit helped her through her own breast cancer experiences, but by her sharing, she helps others through theirs. Choosing life was the only option for Becky, and her insight on how family members and friends can respond when cancer is in the home, will help family members and friends know what to do to help their loved ones choose life too. A joy, an inspiration and a witty, articulate speaker, Becky just makes any listener’s heart grow warmer and head grow smarter.”

Carol Farron – Community Development Director
Pink October Event – Lodi Memorial Hospital, Lodi, CA


“I urge everyone who has a chance to hear Becky speak, please do. She was able to include humor into an otherwise, very serious subject. It is something that would be beneficial not only to women of all ages, but also to male family members of women who have breast cancer. She came across very sincere and caring.  Fortunately at this time neither myself or my family has been faced with breast cancer but I think that after listening to Becky, that if this does happen to us, it will be easier to face.”

Alice Bernard – Treasurer FMCA
Red Hat Luncheon – Albany, OR


“Becky is a phenomenal public speaker and one of the most inspirational individuals I have ever met. I worked with Becky to publish her book, “The Hat That Saved My Life,” which chronicles her struggle and victory over breast cancer. Her courage, humor and enthusiastic approach to life are contagious.”

Kristen Morris VP
Quality Code Publishing – Seattle, WA


“You deserved the standing ovation. You’re one brave, inspiring little woman!!!!!”

Rachel Clearwater Author of Dreamwalk
(Komen Survivor Luncheon attendee)
Portland, OR


“It was wonderful to have you as our speaker (at our annual survivor luncheon). You were inspiring, thought provoking, entertaining and funny! I have reviewed the evaluations and they were very, very positive. (Including: Becky Olson was a 5+++, -out of 5- , Becky showed remarkable courage, Becky was GREAT, Becky Olson was inspiring, Becky was sweet and gracious and she had great points). For me, you embodied our luncheon theme, “Thriving after Breast Cancer.” Thank you!!!”

Heather Hill, DDS
Susan G. Komen-Board Member
and Luncheon Committee Co-Chair
Oregon & S.W. Washington Affiliate – Portland, OR


“It was beautiful, warm, witty and from the heart. I really enjoyed you! Your attitude is exuberant and contagious!”

Marcia Smith
Pink Ribbon Survivor Celebration
Merrillville, IN


“One of the best presentations we’ve ever had!”

Ruth Melvin – Marketing Director
St. John’s Hospital – Longview, WA

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